Mission Statement

The Don Berman Beth Jacob Teacher's College is a place of personal discovery, enrichment, and professional development. It is a caring, comprehensive institution that belongs to the people it serves, responding to individual and community needs.  Students attending the College are striving for personal excellence and growth and are finding it with the help of our school.

The mission of the Don Berman Beth Jacob Teacher's College is to offer a high caliber of Jewish Education at a post-secondary level and to prepare students for leadership positions in the field of Jewish Education.

As a leading organization within the community, The College often finds it necessary to address the many needs that arise within the community. We take this responsibility very seriously and have created many programs to meet and service these many issues in a most professional and dignified manner.

The Don Berman Beth Jacob Teacher's College is accredited by:

  • The Quebec Department of Education;
  • The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools - Torah Umesorah - of the United States and Canada;
  • We are a branch of maalot-neve yerushalayim institutions offering ace (American Council of Education) accredited courses on the collegial level.