Dovi Worenklein Mentor Program


As a result of various social problems, many children in our community are falling between the cracks. The problems manifest themselves through lack of self-esteem, unacceptable behaviour, or poor study habits. Most schools have caring personnel who try to address these issues, but they are often overburdened and can only take care of the more serious priorities.

The goal of the "Dovi Worenklein Mentor Program" is to provide mentors (both male and female) to children of all ages (kindergarten through high school). The children develop a friendship with their mentors which helps make them feel more productive, able to function to the best of their ability, and feel important.

There are presently over 50 mentors working with approximately 50 children in 12 schools. Our success rate with many of these children has been most impressive - to the point where the quality of their lives have improved dramatically.