Additional Programs
  • In-service Teacher's Program

    As an ongoing commitment to the education of our community, the Don Berman Beth Jacob Teachers College continues to educate the "educators". 

    We offer a weekly post-seminary lecture for our alumnae to help them continue in their spiritual growth. This lecture is given by various prominent educators and touches on a variety of topics.

    We have recently implemented our first ever live hook-up Rabbeim class via Skype. Two nights a week a class of almost 30 men have live instructions on how to better their technique and classroom skills.

  • Women's Learning Institute - Bais Yaakov l'Noshim

    Each week women from many walks of life, of all ages, attend daily classes given for the busy working or stay at home mother in mind.

    We also have a Sunday morning class given my the esteemed Mrs. Shira Smiles from the convenience of her home in Jerusalem, via internet.